100 years Elmayer Dance School! Find the right dance class for you, get everything you wanted to know about etiquette and manners, and get inspired by Vienna’s balls and festivities.

Dance lessons for Visitors to Vienna

ELMAYER is part of Vienna. But the doors of this famous institution are open also to guests who come to Vienna from all over the world. They can for themselves experience Viennese Waltz at the only traditional dancing school in this city of music and culture. You are welcome to visit ELMAYER at any time of the year.

Waltz at Elmayer

Learn to dance Viennese Waltz at Vienna's most famous dance school in just an hour time! We offer group lessons every Saturday from 4 to 5pm.

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Learn to dance Discofox in just three weeks.

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Elmayer Dance School: Bräunerstraße 13, 1010 Vienna · Call us at +43-1-5127197