Elmayer Dance School is firmly dedicated to the cultivation and development of the world famous and unique Viennese Ball tradition. To all participants in our youth classes we open the ball doors widely. Elmayer is in charge of most of the ball opening ceremonies at Hofburg and many Palais as well as the Philharmonikerball at the Musikverein.

The Viennese Ball, pure Austrian Culture

Stich: HandkussThe origins of today’s Viennese ball culture can be traced back to the 19th century, the time of the Congress of Vienna. The Viennese Ball is characterized by its ability to merge traditional elements and new fashion trends, thereby building a bridge between generations. Ball performances feature dances and music from both the 19th century, as well as the 20th century World Dance Programme.

The hosts of the respective balls determine and pass on the way of organising their ball and its elements to the next generation on an oral basis. This knowledge transfer on the tradition of the Viennese Ball is essential for individual families, as it guarantees the unaltered survival and continuity of these social events. Ball goers are of all age groups; hence, every ball offers the opportunity to pass on traditions to the younger generations.

Elmayer Dance School does not only join, but actively participates in the Viennese Ball scene by organizing the opening ceremonies, studying with young people, and – last but not least – having its own ball, the Elmayer-Kränzchen.