Der ELMAYER, Vienna’s bible of etiquette…

The Washington Post, March 2004

Manners, Protocol, and Etiquette

For 100 years and in its third generation Elmayer is the Austrian bench mark regarding manners, protocol, and etiquette. Tanzschule Elmayer as a company during these decades itself stands as an example for the fact that sophisticated behaviour can strongly contribute to outstanding quality and lasting long term success.

Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer

Prof. Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer who after his University studies of economy used to work as a manager in international industrial corporations in Switzerland, South Africa, Germany and Norway stands at the helm of Tanzschule Elmayer since 1987. During these three decades he became the leading figure in questions of etiquette in Austria. He gives up to 100 seminars, work shops, speeches etc. on this topic per year in English and German. His audiences encompass the entire spectrum of business and society in and outside Austria.

Personnel Training

ELMAYER also offers tailor-made seminars, lectures and personnel training programmes for companies, private persons or institutions who are interested in improving communicational skills, refined image cultivation, upgrading of corporate identity and public image and all aspects of modern, international manners, protocol and etiquette.