The most popular student dance classes in Vienna. Enjoy all the opportunities offered by Elmayer Dance School. Make new friends and experience the famous Viennese Ball and other traditions. Beginner to advanced-level courses available.

  • Kurszeiten Intensivkurse im Wintersemester

      Dienstag Samstag
    Grundkurs 10. Oktober 2017 14. Oktober 2017
    Fortsetzung 1 21. November 2017 25. November 2017

  • Kurszeiten Intensivkurse im Sommersemester

      Montag Dienstag Samstag
    Grundkurs 5. März 2018 10. März 2018
    Fortsetzung 1 7. Mai 2018 12. Mai 2018
    Fortsetzung 2 6. März 2018
    Fortsetzung 3 8. Mai 2018

General Information

  • Registration: Daily between 3pm-8pm.
  • Duration: 105 minutes/6 weeks
  • Cost: EUR 80 person/course
  • Language of instruction: German (English help provided if necessary)

You can register for these dancing classes daily in our dancing school or at the Universitätssportinstitut Wien (USI).

Please note that there is a price difference depending on where you register! If you register at the USI, dancing classes for students are a bit cheaper. (For more information, visit the USI’s website, click “Kursprogramm” > “Kurse Sparten” > “Tanz” > select “Tanzschulen” > search for “Elmayer”.)


We are teaching all standard and latin american dances from the world dancing program: Basics of Viennese Waltz, (English) Waltz, Foxtrot (Quickstep), Tango, Polka, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Boogie Woogie, Jive, and Paso Doble.

Dress Code

At Elmayer Dance School we ask you not to wear jeans, no matter how elegant they are. Please note that your shoes must have leather soles, otherwise we reserve the right to refuse entrance.