Wedding Dance-Course

For everybody who is looking for a quick way to learn enough ballroom dancing to be prepared for a wedding or another dancing event. In this course we focus on dances played as wedding dances, including – of course – Viennese Waltz.

General Information

  • Duration: 3 weeks per course, each lesson 75 minutes
  • Cost: EUR 150 per couple (or EUR 220 with private tuition)
  • Language of instruction: German (our instructors are happy to help you out in English)


Our Wedding Dance-Course consist of two parts: Only bride and groom can purchase our wedding package (including one private lesson and the wedding dance-course) their guests can purchase just the intensive dance classes.

  • Wedding dance-course: Viennese Waltz, English Waltz, Foxtrot (Quickstep), Polka, Cha-Cha, and Boogie Woogie.
  • Private lesson: Your personal wedding dance – a beautiful interpretation of Viennese Waltz.

Dance lessons at the Elmayer dance school, Vienna’s most famous (…) They can make remarkable progress with you in just one or two lessons.

Sunday Star Ledger, March 2004