New seminar “Elmayer Business Etiquette”. Professor Elmayer now created a new one day seminar in English. The objective is to help to facilitate the cooperation and understanding between people of all nationalities in business and society.

International Etiquette

Time Topic
08:30 Success criteria in Etiquette
09:30 People Skills/Knowledge of Human Nature
Prerequisites to improve our sensitivity, body language, language and speech
Manipulative intentions, behavior when dealing with others, rank, method
10:45 Establishing Contact: How to start and conduct conversation.
Small talk, topics etc., greeting, shaking hands, etc.
Forms of address, introducing oneself and others, business cards, on the phone
11:45 Table Manners
14:30 Events/Host and Guests – dos and don’ts for both
15:45 Attire, Dress Codes
16:30 Standard Situations: Doors and stairs, restaurants, smoking, mobile phone, gifts
On first or second name
Dinner and other speeches, buffets, ladies handbag, cars
17:00 Case Studies: Test and Discussion

Your trainer

This new seminar is offered with Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer as trainer. He was elected Trainer of the Year in 2007 and is the author of five books on manners – all of them best sellers in Austria. For more information on this trainer  and CEO of Tanzschule Elmayer look into his abbreviated cv on this site.

Main Topics

  • Criteria for success
  • The right action at the right time
  • How to establish and cultivate contacts, greeting, introducing, conversation, business cards
  • Table manners in theory and practice including a formal lunch
  • Invitations, events, hosts and guests
  • Dress codes
  • Standard situations – buffets, cars, content of ladies handbags, doors, gifts, mobile phones, piercings, restaurant, speeches, smoking, stairs, tattoos, theatre etc.
  • About 50 case studies

Tailor made seminars?

If  you are interested in internal seminars tailor made for your company we offer an efficient way to enhance your company culture, sophisticated communication and self-confidence and self-assured presence in every business situation. You can give your team a new tool that is of real help in dealing with people of  all branches and at all levels.

You are welcome to contact us for further details regarding this new and special opportunity for improved soft skill qualities and success in the Austrian as well as the international environment in business and society.